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Conventa Crossover

Posted on zondag, 1 september, 2019 by in Pareltjes, Waar was Juup

Last week I had the opportunity to be part of the Conventa Crossover team in Ljubljana in Slovenia as a speaker. On Wednesday, August 28, I used an inflatable doll “the Dude” on stage to demonstrate the four skills you need to think more creatively and engage people. Humor, getting out of your comfort zone, making mistakes and associating. On Friday, August 30, I helped participants design events that better take into account the needs of introverts. It was a fantastic experience. A well-designed event, nice interesting people and a beautiful city. I felt very welcome and at home.

My friend and colleague Mariska Kesteloo described it so beautifully after the conference on Linkedin:
“How do you summarize a conference that wasn’t really a conference?
During 3 days I attended for the first time Conventa Crossover in Ljubljana, it was such a lovely experience. Why?
• Inspiring content from speakers; a part of the speakers was not working in the meetings & events industry (therefore the name crossover)
• Young audience and around 80% of the participants where women
• High number of female speakers (my compliments!)
• Informal setting, no dress code, very accessible and easy to get in touch with different people
• Using different locations and different rooms and settings during the conference
• My first impression of the destination Ljubljana; it’s a cosy, relaxed and beautiful destination
• And I go home with new industry friends, idea’s and inspiration to implement during our next influencer campaign
What do I want more?

A huge thank you to Gorazd Cad and your team, you did an amazing job and really succeed to put Ljubljana on the map. More important, to set the trend and make Conventa Crossover a ‘must to attend conference’ for 2020!
Block the dates for next year : 26 & 27 August 2020”