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English information about Juup

Juup Laarman – de Kanter

After my study Communication Science at Radboud University Nijmegen, I started my career in 1998 in a Communication and Events agency called &Samhoud. After two years I switched to the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and became a lecturer.
For nearly two decades I have been teaching thousands of students about creativity, concept design and meeting design.
I am a trainer in lateral thinking and creative thinking techniques at De Bono Thinking Systems and De Academie voor Innovatief Trainen.
Since 2017 I combine my work in education with my own company Juups. You can hire me as an inspirator, facilitator, trainer and co-creator.
The three main topics I talk about or provide workshops about are 1. creative thinking, 2. meeting design and 3. design for introverts. I prefer smaller interactive sessions from 12 to a maximum of 90 people.

Creative thinking
This is my favourite subject. Last August I was speaker at Conventa Crossover in Slovenia.
I did use an inflatable doll to explain which skills you need to become a more creative thinker.
In this aftermovie you see me at work (3.53 till 4.08). But this is only one example. I can tailor training and workshops using techniques from lateral thinking, creative thinking and design thinking.

Meeting design
Since 2016 I’m one of the active participants of an international Meeting Design network, called Meeting Design Practicum where we do experiments with each other and create knowledge in this field.

Last september I was speaker at The Next Event in the Netherlands. The Dutch titel of my session was “van stoelen naar doelen.” It means from chairs to goals. I wanted people from the logistics perspective at events to make a shift towards events with a goal. If, after my session, they got an idea or were pushed into their goal, I asked for their seat to be returned. And they did that en masse. This way I show that the format and content of the session come together with the goals.

Design for introverts
This was the session that I did for the first time during EMEC 2019 in The Hague.
Goradz Čad wrote this article about my session in Kongres Magazine in Solvenia.
(page 9 till 14).